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Vietnam GDP growth

Vietnam GDP 300x198 Vietnam GDP growthVietnam GDP growth quarterly data source: General Statistics Office of Vietnam

With 1/3 of the 90 million population below the age of 20, Vietnam is entering a demographic sweet spot. GDP growth has averaged 7.2% in the last 20 years. The outlook remains broadly positive.

In 2013, Vietnam’s economy has become much more stable. The banking sector is a very large concern but we think macroeconomic stability will continue. Growth in coming years will be slower than in past years.

Vietnam GDP growth data (Source: ADB)

Vietnam GDP growth data (Source: Government/Gso/Central bank)

Vietnam GDP commentary update:

Q4 2011: Vietnam GDP is estimated to have grown 5.89% in 2011, slower than 6.78% in 2010 as policymakers struggled to counter  soaring inflation. In the fourth quarter it reached 6.1% from arise of 6.07% in the previous quarter.

This page updates Vietnam GDP growth data and commentary quarterly.

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